Ruin Room:

approx 50 seated & 60 - 65 standing
Parties at the Blackbird, whatever the occasion

The party capacity of the Blackbird is deceptive from the main bar.  At the back of the spacious beer garden is the Ruin Room.  The walls of which were quite possibly the very first built in the village of Ballycotton.  These ruins that once were the backdrop to the Blackbird beer garden have been sensitively and beautifully transformed into a modern events space with a large retractable TV screen at one end and a small bar at the other.  

Huge glass doors open onto the beer garden, or can be closed to offer private space.  Trestle tables allow 50 guests to be comfortably seated, or 60/65 for a buffet style event. This beautiful space has its own independent sound system, or can be a continuation of the main bar.

The Decor is rustic, yet modern.  Lanterns hang on the original stone walls and pictures of Ballycotton of old are on the new walls.

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